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MSC: Sale Items

On this page you will find items that have been discontinued, damaged, or refurbished offered at reduced prices. Please call/e-mail to order any of these products.

Rowney Diana Brushes

Made with Kolinsky Sable
Limited Quantities Available
Sz 3$26.25

Isabey Isacryl Brush

Made from synthetic materials. Available style: 6522
Limited Quantities Available.
Sz 4$14.50

Nytek Gloves

Solvent resistant gloves. They are 9 ml thick of premium nitrile rubber. They resist Stoddard's Solvent, VM&P Naphtha, alcohols, and most aqueous acid and alkali solutions. They are moderately resistant to toluene and xylene. Nytek gloves do not resist acetone and N, N dimethylformamide.
The gloves are an extra long 35 cm., so that they may be "cuffed" Each pair of gloves is packed in a sealed poly bag for cleanliness. No talc or other powder is applied to the gloves to contaminate an artifact. Gripping areas have an anti-slip finish that does not trap dirt or other particulates.
Limited Quantities Available.
L7010-001Size 6 (ea)$2.60
L7011-012Size 6 (dz)$24.05


100% Acrylic fabric, 60 wide. Used extensively in painting relining.
R1021-001Black, priced per yard/meter$12.00
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