MSC- Supplying Art Conservators with the Best Tools of the Trade

For over two decades, The MuseuM Services Corporation (MSC) has been in the business of designing, building, and selling art conservation, restoration, and preservation equipment. MSC was founded by company president Peter Mecklenburg and is located in the Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota metropolitan area. From our central location in the United States, we bring the best services, art fabrication tools and products to museums, governments, and individuals around the world.
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Our experienced designers and craftsmen have designed many products for many different purposes. We pride ourselves on equipment and tools quality and specialize in creating and redesigning products to fit the unique needs of our customers from all over the globe.

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Product Documentation

We have documentation for every chemical or fabrication that we ship out to our customers. No one is left wondering with questions left unheard or unanswered.

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With generations of experience passed down from dedicated fabricators, we have pinpointed the best companies to get our materials and supplies from. We only do business with the best in the business.

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Are you an artist that need help creating a large quantity of products? Are you a museum that needs a specific type of tool to help restore in a very specific way? That's why we exist. Our fabricators have never found a project too simple or too complicated.

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Best in the Business

Through years of experience, we understand the importance museums, governments, and dedicated art conservators have on restoring and preserving great works of art and invaluable documents.

  • Largest in North America
    With acquiring the Conservator's Emporium formerly located in Reno, Nevada, we now support their excellent inventory to promote your demand and unique needs.
  • Dependable Timelines
    We work with you on the demanding timeline. We understand the phase "I need it yesterday" (within reason) and will project manage everything from creation to delivery, ensuring your ability to hit your due date.
  • Fair Quotes
    We understand what it's like in the art field. With 36 plus years in the industry, we will always provide you with fair and competitive prices for all that we do!

Our Team

Our experienced designers and craftsmen have designed many products fabricated for unique purposes. We pride ourselves on the quality of our equipment and the specialized knowledge our team retains and expands upon to match your needs.
Linda Butler Business Owner
Paul Kottwitz Senior Fabricator
Vincent Butler Fabricator