The MUSEUM SERVICES CORPORATION website has been specifically designed with a simple interface to make looking for and ordering our products and services as fast and effortless as possible. No fancy gimmicks or dozens of pages to navigate through to get to the information you need or to place an order.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What is the easiest way to find the product I want?
    You can go the index pages for either the equipment or supplies and a description of the products is available to tell you where the item you are looking for is.
  2. Can you build custom sizes for your equipment?
    We can. Just contact us to see what we can do to fit your needs.
  3. Why don't you make purchasing available online?
    We offer online purchasing with some of the supplies. We may offer more online purchasing in the future, but we prefer to interact with our customers in person, on the telephone, or via email due to complicated orders, frequent changes in orders and for security reasons.
  4. What type of payments do you accept and how is the merchandise shipped?
    Detailed information about payments and shipments can be found on our Terms and Conditions page.
For further help, you can access the following information: